Mama and Baby Recorded Virtual Yoga Class

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Hi Moms! When you purchase this class, you will receive a password to stream a one-hour yoga class for home practice with your baby. Proceeds will go to support the studio where I usually teach (TransforMama Work and Play Studio) and my own small business, oh hey, My Mama Body.

I will be so grateful if you share the link to purchase this class to others who might like it! However, please do not distribute the password without my permission or use the password to stream the class in a group setting. The password is for your individual use only, and I reserve the right to change it periodically. It’s hard to put my work on the internet, y’all! These are weird times, though, so here we go. Get ready to see me teaching yoga all by myself with a stuffed lion!!

I teach a very gentle class suitable for moms and babies 6 weeks to about 6 months. As I always say, but especially in this case, I won’t be carding the babies. So please make it work for you, mama, and listen to your body. The last part of class is a guided meditation instead of a final relaxation posture.

There is no background music in this video, but I recommend songs by Elizabeth Mitchell for a more folk-vibe, or Snatam Kaur for a more mantra-vibe, if you’re looking for tunes.