Lactation Counseling

I hold the Certified Lactation Counselor® designation from The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (ALPP). ALPP is a non-profit organization that provides a national certification program in breastfeeding and human lactation for nurses, physicians, dietitians, WIC personnel, peer counselors, independent lactation counselors and others.

I have completed over 300 hours of training and education in the field of breastfeeding counseling.

I am happy to do the prenatal breastfeeding workshop virtually or in person, for groups or individuals/couples. Book here now or reach me at 917-331-9643 or

I love to make home visits for new babies, latch troubles, or pumping prep, and I book 90-minute appointments, so we have plenty of time to work through your unique story.

I understand that not everything is intuitive for new parents. I have strategies for common breastfeeding questions and concerns, as well as access to some fantastic scientific evidence-based resources that I love to share!

If you are experiencing fever, acute pain, or a medical emergency, please contact your physician or medical care provider right away! I can not diagnose or prescribe.