My name is Emily Garts Mulqueen. I have two sons who were born in 2012 and 2014.

Every family is different, and I don’t like dogma. That is why I strive to listen and meet moms where they are, and help support each individual’s goals.

You have a way, and you may just be learning what your way feels like. I want to help you know confidence in the natural patterns of you and your baby.

Before My Mama Body, I was the Chief Strategy Officer of Revolution Partners. With gratitude, I can say that my colleagues were supportive of the choices I made to prioritize motherhood while working outside the home, and my boss modified my workspace to be a comfortable place to pump breastmilk. I know that not all workplaces are as supportive of nursing moms, but I also know that we can and should stand up for each other.

I have also treasured my work-at-home mom periods. I am awed by the time spent in the wild habitat of my children, who regularly challenge me more than the accomplished adults I know. I feel grateful to be pacing my work life now more closely to the rhythms of my family.

I am a member of the Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition, the Memphis Area Lactation Consultant Association, the Memphis Birth Collective, and Yoga Alliance.

My husband Matt is a strong partner and a compassionate advocate. He is employed as an attorney at Baker Donelson and is a regular volunteer on behalf of immigrants and the working poor through the Community Legal Center. We like to make art, listen to music, and play outside with our kids.

I am certified Bcd, CLC®, RPYT®, RYT® 200. Find out more about my training to do this work:

Thank you for reading this! I hope I get to know you, too.