I can’t say enough good things about Emily. Her knowledge and services were impressive. For example, she helped me step by step learn how to use and clean my breast pump, which was overwhelming for me to try alone. She always made sure I ate something, which is surprisingly hard to remember. I had a complicated delivery and her attitude was always positive and she had the ability to be calming during a stressful time. Without a doubt, I would recommend Emily to friends and family.

– Emily F.

I used Emily’s post-partum doula services after the birth of my second child when I was new to Memphis and far from family. She was the stand-in family member I needed to help me through this crazy time! Emily is funny, kind, helpful, and wise – and has a magical ability to affirm you as a mom and human being all while doing your dishes! I can’t recommend Emily enough. Hiring her was the best decision I made during my pregnancy.

– Jacqueline

As first time parents, we did not know anything about breastfeeding. Emily’s class was extremely informative and personal, and helped us become more confident in our breastfeeding journey. We enjoyed the inclusive, respectful, and evidence-based nature of the class, as well as Emily’s down to earth and comforting personality. We look forward to continuing to work with Emily throughout and after this pregnancy!

– Sanne

Emily’s lactation workshop was an incredibly positive, informative, and empowering experience for my partner and me. Preparing for baby’s arrival and feeling confident and knowledgeable about how to navigate feeding as a couple was very important to us. Emily created an inviting, calming, and collaborative environment and made us feel like we had the tools and ongoing support we need and may need in the future. I highly recommend this workshop as an expectant mother. 

– Carla

To anyone who’s about to be a mama, especially for the first time: PLEASE do yourself a favor and invest in one the best things for you and your baby. Emily is an angel walking on earth and you need her in your postpartum period. She has saved the day so many times for us already. Whether it’s help with breastfeeding, spending time with the baby so you can shower or nap, or cutting up fruit, she does whatever you need to take care of you (those might be specific examples 😂). Newborns are hard and she has come to our rescue several times in the first week and it would have been far more difficult without her. There are several options for her time so please check her out and make your life a little easier in this stressful time! She also has prenatal yoga classes and mommy and me classes around town!

– Robyn

I took a 3-hour course prior to this one where I learned a lot of the basics of breastfeeding. One of the more useful things regarding Emily’s [breastfeeding] class was being able to include Josh (husband) in the learning curve. Breastfeeding moms desperately need the support of their partners in order to successfully breastfeed, and it was such an educational experience for Josh to be able to learn, engage, and ask all of his questions. Emily is so gracious in her ability to take and field any question thrown her way!

– Janina

Emily provided me with the knowledge to seek professional and medical guidance when I developed mastitis. My baby had a bad latch and Emily showed me how to correct it and different positions for breastfeeding. She provided me information and factual evidence of how to keep, store, and thaw breastmilk.

– Mollie

Emily came to my house for a private breastfeeding session and to go over my breast pump. She brought ALL the information and props about breast feeding. She was insightful and encouraging. My little bb has been feeding like a champ and I think it’s a lot in thanks to her class. Couldn’t recommend her more highly. Thanks Emily!!!

– Neile

Emily’s prenatal yoga classes at TransforMama are always well equipped and comfortable.  She is an exceptionally attentive and informed instructor.  I look forward to participating in more of her classes when I am no longer pregnant!

– Anna

Emily is the real deal. She is both super knowledgeable about all things mama-baby and incredibly down to earth.  She intentionally gets to know you and your unique personal experience with pregnancy and being a new mom – because she knows that no two moms are the same.  Emily will undoubtedly be an incredible resource for you throughout your pregnancy and become someone you trust and want in your life afterwards.

– Frances