Postpartum Doula

“Studies have shown that cultures in which women are cared for by others for a defined period of days or weeks and are expected only to nurture themselves and their babies during that time have superior outcomes in postpartum adjustment. We know that women who experience support from their family members, care providers, counselors and peer groups have greater breastfeeding success, greater self-confidence, less postpartum depression and a lower incidence of abuse than those who do not.” For more information, see DONA International’s Position Paper on the Post-Partum Doula’s Role in Maternity Care.

Postpartum supportive services:

  • Non-medical help to take care of your healing body and your baby’s in the first sore weeks after childbirth
  • Talk about normal postpartum hormones, and how they might feel
  • Care for your baby while you sleep or shower
  • Help you find the right doctor, therapist, class, or group
  • Take your mopey dog for a long walk
  • Put fresh sheets on your bed again if you keep sweating through them
  • Pick up your groceries and make some meals
  • Sit by you on the edge of your tub and help you get clean-shaven legs for the first time in weeks
  • Help you bathe the baby safely
  • Comb your hair, if it hurts to reach up
  • Rub your feet, if they’re still so swollen
  • Notice the warning signs if your blood pressure just isn’t tracking back down, and help you understand when it’s time to call the doctor
  • Show empathy for your overwhelmed partner who needs to talk through what he’s witnessed
  • Sit with Grandad on the porch while he vents about how badly he wants to help
  • Come along to the doctor’s visit to offer helping hands
  • Adjust the height of the crib so you can reach your baby better
  • Reinforce what you learned in the hospital about a peri-bottle or a sitzbath, and offer ideas for non-medical comfort measures while you recover
  • Hold space when you miss your mom, or your hometown, or your real sister
  • Prepare and encourage siblings
  • Offer soothing strategies for comforting yourself and your baby when things are hard
  • Listen without judgement
  • Practice words to assert yourself as your baby’s best protector and advocate
  • Strategies for common feeding and sleeping concerns
  • Help preparing to go back to work, processing the idea of not going back right now, or talking through other changes in your life

I am a Postpartum Certified Doula PCD(DONA) with DONA International, and I adhere to the DONA Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct. A training at Homegrown Babies in Asheville, NC was part of my in-person practice to meet the certification requirements. I have also completed DONA International’s Birth Doula training with Rae Davies of The Birth Company.

If you are interested in postpartum doula services, please contact me at 917-331-9643 or I offer a free, 30-minute pre-contract interview. In general, a 12- or 18-hour service contract is arranged before the birth of your baby, and includes a prenatal home visit, unlimited text support, and several home visits to be used in your first six weeks postpartum.

I’m also happy to do single visits for non-contract moms as long as I have availability. My non-contract hourly rate is $35 and I recommend booking two or three hours for each in-home postpartum care visit.