New Mama Gift Kit – The One with Yoga




Here’s a great gift for the expecting or brand-new mom in your life! A gift bag packed full of mom-friendly products, and virtual yoga, too!

Get three amazing Earth Mama Organics Postpartum Products: Nipple Butter, Sitz Bath Sachets, and Skin and Scar Balm for stretch marks or scars! Plus, choose Gaiam yoga toes socks OR a full-sized Gaiam mat towel (let me know your preference when you order!). And, I’ll put passwords in the bag for mom to get virtual access to two Prenatal Yoga classes and a Mommy and Me Yoga class that she can do anytime.

I’ll throw in a bunch of mom-friendly free samples of products I’m honored to share with moms, and a color copy of the OWA Your Guide to Breastfeeding Magazine (this is available as a PDF free anytime, but moms love to hold one ;)). I’ll gladly make the contactless delivery of this gift kit to mom’s doorstep in the Memphis area at no extra charge.